The Ballads (Live from Snapsounds)

by Domas Strupinskas

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Live from Snapsounds:


released March 25, 2015

Domas Strupinskas - vocal, acoustic guitar
Vladas Litvinas - harmonium, ms20
Kęstutis Pavalkis - upright piano, rhodes, electric organ
Juozas Martinkėnas - electric guitar
Paulius Adomėnas - bass
Kornelija Giedrikaitė - cello
Arnas Kmieliauskas - cello
Jurgita Jankevičienė - french horn
Mindaugas Rarivanas - tuba
Danielius Pancerovas - saxophone
Simonas Šipavičius - saxophone
Jonas Grinevičius - percussion, sampling pad
Mantas Augustaitis - drums, vocal
Elena Neniškytė - vocal
Dominyka Kriščiūnaitė - vocal

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Tomas Verbaitis & Domas Strupinskas
Cover photo by Narvydas Naujalis

Copyright Domas Strupinskas, 2015. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


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Domas Strupinskas Vilnius, Lithuania

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Track Name: Nicotine
seems like it's taking me for a spin
only friend
who doesn't talk and listen instead

wrapped in a paper
slowly burning
becomes still
when i lay my head
on guillotine

taste of a honey
and bitter tears
playing the echoes
of recent years

out of a pocket
straight into heart
deadly sin
it seems to me
like a work of art

Track Name: Power
weak man is hungry for power
power to get up in the morning
never had a gut to say sorry
that man who always feels worried

shivering from things he had seen
guilty 'bout the useless routine
knocking himself down to the floor
poor fellow goes on

weak man is ready to give up
give up for temptation and glory
coming up with lies in the morning
burning old then writing new story

shivering from things he had seen
guilty 'bout the useless routine
knocking himself down to the floor
poor fellow goes on

on to the darkest corner
where the stars shine brightest
Track Name: Keep On Dancing
calling in the afternoon
'cause you gotta work
but you're dancing with me

twisting in a limousine
it's your turn to drink now
it's your turn to drink

keep on loving
keep on loving as you do
we will sleep when we're old
and i'll be sleeping with you

lovely girl, oh,
danced until the night was gone
we were laughing together
in the beautiful dawn

open your heart
let it out and let it sing
everything is alright now
that’s how it’s always been

take it to another level
say you love her don’t be scared
i know we’re gonna make it
until the very end

everything is spinning in a cycle of it all
everything is drifting and I’m loosing the control

'cause all that we know
we know deep from our hearts
forget the newspaper
turn everything off

and i know i love you
i knew that from the start
you're all that i've got
all that i've got
Track Name: Maggie
call maggie
'cause nothing is all right
i ain't got nothing
hold on to
so i'm holding on to you

call maggie
'cause we just had a fight
the anger's choking me
as i stand
oh, i'm a such a foolish man

call maggie
and drop the phone
oh, maggie
don't let her know
call maggie
call maggie
oh, no

call maggie
'cause days are not the same
i wanted freedom
but freedom feels like hell
or like a church with silent bell

call maggie
i wonder where she's now
i hope she's happy
or better if she's not
we're made to suffer in this plot

call maggie
and drop the phone
oh, maggie
don't let her know
i've fallen long time ago
for maggie
for maggie
oh, no
Track Name: Animal Resting
deep deep inside
animal resting
think that i might
end up killing

if you want to calm me down
please be gentle sometimes
i might bite your head off
chew your heart my love

deep deep inside
animal resting
his fails are mine
i’m his reflection

as we echo through the night
fade into oblivion
we will leave the trace behind
hoping no one ever finds

when the shadows go to sleep
you will hear silence weep
Track Name: Lost (feat. Dominyka Kriščiūnaitė)
chien perdu dans la foret
cherche sa place
les gens qui l'ont oublie
chien perdu
chien perdu dans le paradis
difficile d'oublier l'amour
qui était autour
comme je suis seul
comme je suis seul
comme je suis seul